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A History of British Wildlife Discoveries

Red squirrel summer exhibition

21 July, 2017

This summer, we’re going Wild at Deep Sea World with our newest exhibit. The attraction offers you the chance to view a wide variety of extraordinary wildlife that is commonly found around the British Isles, displayed as beautiful taxidermy pieces. For many of you, this may be the only chance you get to see these […]

5 Shark Species That Live in Scotland’s Waters

6 July, 2017

Meet the Sharks That Live in Scotland’s Waters Sharks have gained a somewhat negative reputation over the years – one that they certainly don’t deserve. Despite what Jaws might have you believing, these large fish aren’t roaming our shores waiting for human limbs to snack on. Unless provoked, sharks are relatively harmless, and as carnivores, […]

How We Can Protect the Endangered Species in Scotland’s Oceans

19 May, 2017

Looking after our oceans is vital. With the changing climate, overfishing, littered waters, and fumes and chemicals polluting oceans around the globe, it’s never been more essential to take care of our natural waters. These factors are all having a big impact on the habitats of many sea creatures, from freshwater fish to sharks. At […]

Swimming with Sharks at Deep Sea World

28 April, 2017

Swimming with Sharks at Deep Sea World We make it our mission to actively encourage visitors to dive in (literally) and take a closer look at our collection of majestic marine creatures. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of an aquarium tank, this is your chance – […]


28 March, 2017

AQUARIUM AWASH WITH RARE BABY RAYS Deep Sea World, Scotland’s national aquarium, is celebrating the arrival of dozens of rare baby rays. So far no fewer than 24 baby thornback and undulate rays have hatched out at the North Queensferry wildlife attraction this week, with more expected to arrive over the coming days. Both the […]

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