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Find which tickets fit best for your next visit to Deep Sea World!

If you are just after a one time visit with your family, annual memberships to visit again and again or large group outings there are a variety of options.

Our flexi tickets can be used once and are available for 6 months after purchase.


Ticket TypePrice
Standard (Age 13+)£18.50
Junior (Age 3-12)£13.35
Concession (Student or aged 65+)£16.50
Family Ticket (2 junior + 2 standard)£61.70

Tickets are valid for one visit, unless you have selected an Annual Membership Pass.


If you are visiting as a Registered Carer, please bring along your Registered Carer ID Card for FREE entry when accompanying a disabled person. Please note; valid proof is required at gate for admission. Valid ID includes a Council Carer Badge or Registered Carer Badge, Blue Badges, Award/Disability letter.

We allow free entry for carer’s during their working hours. And proof is required at the door.


Must bring a valid Student ID card for a concession rate at the door.

Under 3 Years old:

Receive FREE entry at reception. And do not require a ticket online.

Service Animals

We only admit registered service animals such as guide dogs, cardiac alert dogs etc. Currently, emotional support animals do not have legal recognition in the way that assistance dogs do in the UK, therefore we dont admit these types of animals at the moment.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not currently offer Blue Light Discount.

Group Prices (Min 15 people)

Ticket TypePrice
Standard (Age 13+)£16.82
Junior (Age 3-12)£12.14
Concession (Student or aged 65+)£15.00

Annual Memberships

Ticket TypePrice
Standard (Age 13+)£55.50
Junior (Age 3-12)£40.05
Concession (Student or aged 65+)£49.50
Family Ticket (1 junior + 1 standard)£95.55
Family Ticket (2 junior + 1 standard)£133.20
Family Ticket (2 junior + 2 standard) £187.80

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