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We have a variety oi downloadable resources for teachers to use in class or during their trip to Deep Sea World.  From class quizzes to worksheets that support common topics such as food chains and sharks.

Deep Sea World are always looking at fun new ways to bring the ocean to your class so if there are any topics of interest that you think we should add please let us know and our education team will look into creating new and fun resources for you and your school.

Test your Class’ Knowledge

Deep Sea World Quiz

This is the ideal quiz for after or during a visit to Deep Sea World with multiple choice answers allowing for group and individual working.

Nursery/P2 Worksheet

The Ocean Plastic and Me!

This worksheet is designed to help children understand which animals live in rockpools and why plastic is bad for these animals.

P3/P5 Worksheet

Who’s Hungry?

This worksheet is designed to introduce your class to food chains and apply this learning to an ocean environment. It also touches on the effect extinction can have on the food web.

P3/P5 Worksheet

Our Ocean and Nurdles!

This worksheet is designed to introduce nurdles to the class which is a type of micro-plastic that is often found on beaches.

P5/P7 Worksheet

Predators & Prey

This Worksheet is designed to help identify different animals are predators and which are prey. With focus on ocean animals we will look at skills that animals have developed to help them become better hunters.

P5/P7 Worksheet


This worksheet is designed to show how different animals need to adapt to their changing environment. Understand the types of changes species go through over time that help them to avoid extinction.

P7 Worksheet


This worksheet is designed to develop an in depth understanding of sharks and why we love them so much. Identify different species and learn the anatomy of Deep Sea World’s famous Sand Tiger Sharks.

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