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At Deep Sea World, we understand how important conservation is. Sadly, as a result of pollution, littering, overfishing, and the changing climate, many sea and aquatic creatures are threatened in seas and rivers around the world.

We aim to highlight and educate our visitors as to the biodiversity of the planet’s aquatic environment and what steps we can take to conserve and reduce the impact mankind has on these ecosystems.

Orkney Skate Trust

The Orkney Skate Trust (OST) was established in 2009 to undertake research and help conserve the Orkney flapper skate population. Through various projects underway, OST has developed a greater understanding of the distribution, ecology and health of Orkney’s population.

Shark Trust

We help raise money for the Shark Trust! Many sharks are on the ‘list of threatened species’ and conserving these incredible animals is becoming increasingly important to secure their future. Find out ways that you can help protect the future of these animals.

Big Fish Campaign

At Deep Sea World Aquarium our ‘Amazon’ display is filled with unwanted animals, from Red Tailed Catfish and Alligator Gar to Pacu. These species had all outgrown their home aquaria and were subsequently donated to us.

Captive Breeding

Captive breeding is an important aspect of Deep Sea World Aquarium’s philosophy and an excellent indicator of the health and well-being of our stock.

Grab That Gap

We are working with BIAZA to make our site a better place for our native species. We’ve planted an area with wildflower seeds to watch them bloom and see which species they attract!

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