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Explore the Reef Gift Shop and take a little piece of Deep Sea World home with you!

The Reef Gift Shop is the home to some of the best sea life products you can find in Scotland – filled with a variety of keepsakes to match any underwater pals you’ve made on your visit.

Our selection of memento’s allows you to take a piece of Deep Sea World home with you, our plushies are made from recycled plastic. Don’t worry that doesn’t make them spiky as they are in fact the softest friends we have ever felt.

Also, if jewellery is more your style, we’d love to see you style our Reef exclusive bracelets, necklaces and key chains. Even better, never be late to any of our talks and feeds with our Slap Watches.

Looking for hours of fun? We have a variety of toys, puzzle and many more things to keep you entertained until you can come back and visit again!

Is school sometimes a drag? Why not be the coolest kid in your class with our aquarium themed school bag, stationary and Lunch box with accessories.

Furthermore if subtle is more your thing, we offer a range of lovely key rings, which feature a variety of sea creatures that you might have seen on your visit.

The range is always changing here at the Reef Gift Shop with new products but don’t worry, some souvenirs are always available such as our wide range of magnets that will keep the memories alive in your house before you next venture back!


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