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Explore the Reef Gift Shop for the perfect momento of your trip to Deep Sea World!

The Reef Gift Shop is the home to some of the best sea life products you can find anywhere on land. Our plush selection is world class which we source from suppliers such as Ocean Friends and Eco Buddies who make all of their products from recycled plastic. Don’t worry that doesn’t make them spiky as they are in fact the softest sharks we have ever felt.

Or if jewellery is more your style why not accessorize with our Reef exclusive bangles, necklaces and key chains or never be late to any of our talks and feeds with our Slap Watches. Accessorizing yourself is fun but why not make your school bag stand out from the crowd with our selection of softie key rings that range from spectacular sharks to cute clownfish.

The range is always changing here at the Reef Gift Shop with new products being brought into to keep up with the latest trends however some souvenirs are always available such as our wide range of magnets that will keep the memories alive in your house before you next venture back!

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