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The Ultimate Shark Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Ocean’s Apex Predators

great white shark

15 December, 2020

If, like us, you love sharks, and think you know everything there is to know about what makes them tick, we’re challenging you to have a go at our ultimate shark quiz.

Visiting the Forth Rail Bridge: All About Scotland’s Man-Made Wonder

forth rail bridge

15 December, 2020

We’re taking a closer look at the Forth Rail Bridge and why you should consider paying it a visit after you’ve said “hello” to our wonderful animals.

10 Jawesome Gifts for any Shark Lover

10 December, 2020

Here at Deep Sea World our staff are always looking out for fun shark inspired merchandise and our office is filled of shark pens, shark mugs and even a shark cookies. Our Facebook feed is always full of sponsored ads from different companies trying to convince us we need more shark merch. Let’s be honest […]

Amazing Places to Dive in Scotland

5 December, 2020

This year many of the most popular diving locations have been out of bound for Scottish diving enthusiasts so instead of exploring the Great Barrier Reef they have been donning their scuba gear and exploring some of the amazing seas around Scotland. If you are able to brave the chilly waters there are some amazing […]

Bring New Life to Gift Vouchers

14 November, 2020

Traditionally we give gifts in beautiful wrapping paper all tied up with an extravagant ribbon tied in a knot a sailor would be proud of. This is hard work and will often lead to many trips to the supermarket to buy extra tape and blisters on fingers after hundreds of failed attempts at getting the […]