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Lobsters vs Crabs: What’s the Difference?

Across the world’s oceans there a number of species that often get mistaken for being the same, or at least very similar. After all, if they’re part of the same family, surely they have the same attributes and behaviour? In most cases, this isn’t true – take the lobster and the crab, for example. While … Continued

Do You Know Your Shark Species?

There are hundreds of shark species circling our waters around the world. From the rarest to the most common, we’re utterly fascinated by these incredible sea creatures and their unique characteristics, personalities and behaviours. At Deep Sea World, we love sharing our knowledge about different shark species and what sets them apart. So, how well … Continued

The Differences Between a Starfish and a Brittle Star

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all star-shaped sea creatures are the same, but in fact they can be very different from each other. In particular, starfish and brittle stars may look very similar, but they are both very fascinating animals in their own right. These beautiful and strange looking animals might be part of … Continued

23 Axolotl Facts For Kids

Have you ever heard of axolotls? We didn’t think so! These curious animals aren’t all that well known but boy are they interesting – from their frilly gills right down to their self-growing limbs. So, what do you need to know about the weird and wonderful axolotl? Get acquainted with these otherworldly critters with 23 … Continued

Are Seals Friendly? All About Seals’ Personalities

Much like dolphins, seals seem like friendly characters full of personality. They come across as curious, playful, intelligent and cautious, both in the wild and in captivity. But is there any truth in this? And what are seals’ personalities really like? That’s what we’re here to find out. At Deep Sea World, we spend a … Continued

Can Fish Swim Backwards?

Why would a fish need to swim backwards? If you’ve never really given this question a lot of thought, we can’t blame you. It’s not like we as humans ever find ourselves in situations where we’d need to walk backwards, after all – so why would a fish? Nevertheless, we’ll see whether fish can reverse … Continued

How to Draw a Seal

Here, we’ve given you a quick and easy guide for how to draw a seal, topped up with a few interesting facts to tell your friends and family!

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