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Everything You Need to Know about Seal Spotting in Scotland

Scotland’s coastline is not only beautiful but also home to an array of fascinating wildlife. One of the most enchanting experiences for nature enthusiasts is seal spotting. The shores of Scotland are populated by two distinct species of seals, the common seal and the grey seal. In this guide, we will explore their characteristics, differences, … Continued

Top 6 Things to Do in Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh, where traditional Scotch culture and heritage collide with forward-thinking culture, arts, science, and mouth-watering cuisine. The ancient Scottish capital is a must-visit destination whether you’re staying for a day, a week or a weekend, with fantastic sights and tons of visitor attractions to enjoy whatever the not-so-predictable weather sends your way. Planning … Continued

Amazing Places to Dive in Scotland

This year many of the most popular diving locations have been out of bound for Scottish diving enthusiasts so instead of exploring the Great Barrier Reef they have been donning their scuba gear and exploring some of the amazing seas around Scotland. If you are able to brave the chilly waters there are some amazing … Continued

Explore the Scottish Seas at Deep Sea World

Explore the Scottish Seas at Deep Sea World from 6th April Fancy peeking beneath the Scottish seas and discovering the incredible variety of unique creatures that swim, slither and scuttle around our beautiful rocky shores? If you don your kilt for our big Explore the Scottish Seas launch event on the 6th April, you’ll get … Continued

Exploring Fife from Edinburgh: 10 Things to See & Do

About to take a road trip outside of the capital and see what Fife has to offer? Then do we have a treat for you! Here’s a list of top things to do on your journey – road trips have never been this fun! Fife Coastal Path Nothing shouts “Instagram-ready” quite like the beautiful views … Continued

5 Weird and Wonderful Places to Visit Over the Christmas Break

Christmas is a time for traditions, but so much of it can get a little same-old, same-old for you and your little ones. That’s why we’ve scoured the country to find you five alternative, family-friendly places to visit over the Christmas break.   National Trust for Scotland Attractions The National Trust for Scotland is a … Continued

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