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6 Places to Visit with the Kids in Scotland This Summer

Looking for ways to keep the whole family entertained in Scotland during the summer holidays? You’ll have no problem at all, because there are plenty of activities and attractions for all tastes.
Here’s our selection of six very different but equally unmissable places to visit.

St Andrews Cathedral and St Andrews Castle

Historic St Andrews is one of the most picturesque places in all of Scotland, and on summer days especially, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more beautiful than the 12th-century ruins of the cathedral and the castle.
St Andrews Cathedral was the largest place of worship ever built in Scotland, and functioned as the centre of the Medieval Catholic Church.
St Andrews Castle, which was built roughly 50 years after the Cathedral, has an exciting history of its own. It played a crucial role in the Wars of Scottish Independence, taking a real hammering as it was attacked and rebuilt several times.
Even if your kids aren’t into their history, they’ll enjoy exploring – and you’ll get some great family snaps to show for it.

Deep Sea World

One place the children definitely will be in their element is Deep Sea World – Scotland’s National Aquarium.
With one of the longest underwater tunnels of any aquarium in the world, and boasting one of the largest collections of sharks in all of Europe, it’s sure to make their day.
Wander through more than 40 displays exhibiting sea creatures from all over the world, ranging from sharks to clownfish and from seals to amphibians, we really do have a bit of everything.
Attend one (or several!) of our daily talks and fish-feeds, and coincide your visit with special events.
How about a shark encounter? Our PADI-qualified divers will give you an underwater experience like no other, bringing you face to fin with some of the most awesome creatures to ever grace the seas. (Suitable for anybody aged 8 or above.)

Edinburgh Castle

Who’s up for a visit to Hogwarts?
Well, almost.
Edinburgh Castle is widely considered to have been J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in her Harry Potter book series, so if you’ve got any Potterheads in your clan, this one is an absolutely essential stop.
The castle has a fascinating real-life history of its own – spanning all the way back to the 2nd century AD! – and is naturally one of Edinburgh’s most popular attractions.

Escape Hunt Edinburgh

While you’re in Edinburgh, you’ll find plenty of modern fun to complement the history.
What better way to bond as a family than to embark on an epic adventure?
That’s exactly what you’ll do if you visit Escape Hunt, with six themed games to choose from. Save your peaceful Viking village from an invasion of Ice Giants… Close the magic portal before it gobbled up all of Edinburgh…. You know – that sort of thing. No pressure.

Dalkeith Country Park

Huge outdoor adventure playground, anyone?
Fort Douglas Adventure Park is just one reason to visit Dalkeith Country Park – a 1,000-acre estate that caters for everyone in the family.
Take a leisurely stroll around the grounds, enjoy a bike ride, settle down for a picnic, fire up a barbecue, go fishing… You can easily spend a whole day here – and the kids will probably want to spend most of it in the Sky Maze!

The Riverside Museum (Glasgow)

If you’re heading to Glasgow, you’ll want to swing by the Riverside Museum – a stunning modern building that is the current site of the Glasgow Museum of Transport.
Featuring all kinds of vehicles – from locomotives, ships and horse-drawn carriages to cars, early bicycles and even skateboards – there are more than 3,000 objects on display.
It won the 2013 European Museum of the Year award, so, need we say more?

Have a Bonny Time!

Whatever you end up doing with the family before school starts again, we’re sure you’ll make some great memories. To book discounted tickets for Deep Sea World, head to this page.

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