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How to Draw a Shark: Step-by-Step

Are you looking for fun ways to keep your little ones busy as the nights draw in and the weather gets bleaker? Why not get creative and draw mighty sharks?

All About Shark Trust

At Deep Sea World, we’re proud to partner with Shark Trust, a UK charity dedicated to safeguarding sharks around the globe. With a focus on education, awareness and action, this esteemed organisation is making a difference to the lives of animals that are all too easily misunderstood. Here, you can learn more about Shark Trust … Continued

Do You Know Your Shark Species?

There are hundreds of shark species circling our waters around the world. From the rarest to the most common, we’re utterly fascinated by these incredible sea creatures and their unique characteristics, personalities and behaviours. At Deep Sea World, we love sharing our knowledge about different shark species and what sets them apart. So, how well … Continued

10 Jawesome Gifts for any Shark Lover

Here at Deep Sea World our staff are always looking out for fun shark inspired merchandise and our office is filled of shark pens, shark mugs and even a shark cookies. Our Facebook feed is always full of sponsored ads from different companies trying to convince us we need more shark merch. Let’s be honest … Continued

Meet the Megalodon: The Biggest Shark that Ever Lived

Keen to learn more about the mighty megalodon? Then join us as we explore this incredible fish in greater depth, from its size, shape and appearance, to its diet, bite strength, and the circumstances behind its disappearance all those years ago.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Sharks

If you come face to face with a shark in the deep blue sea, we all know to swim away quickly, but what don’t you know? From their endless supply of teeth to the lack of bones in their body, here are our top 9 Sharkey facts that might surprise you! 1. Hammerhead sharks have … Continued

Shark Identification Guide

Sharks have been swimming in our oceans for 450 million years, so isn’t it time you got to know them a little better? The great white may be the A-lister, with many a Hollywood horror film to their name, but did you know there are over 400 other known species of shark out there?  From … Continued

Meet the Sand Tiger Shark

One of our most impressive species at Deep Sea World is the sand tiger shark. A stealthy hunter, this particular breed glides slowly through the waters of Australia, Japan and the Mediterranean, hunting alone or in groups known as shivers. Growing to over three metres in length, this is a creature you need to see … Continued

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