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6 Creative Ways to Get Recycling

We love being able to bring you closer to amazing animals from all around the world. And as incredible as they are to look at, they’re not simply for show. Some of the creatures we keep in our exhibits are in danger of being wiped out entirely, and by housing them here, we’re able to preserve these species for years, and even decades, to come.

That’s because pollution from materials like plastic makes waters across the world a very unpleasant place for sea life to live in. In fact, 33 billion pounds of various plastics enter the ocean every year, contributing to the deaths of 100 million animal deaths each year.

The good news is that recycling can help put a stop to this. And the even better news is that there are all sorts of creative ways you can teach your kids how to recycle so you can make recycling a more regular thing. All it takes is a bit of clever thinking and some household items you don’t need any longer.

So, let’s take a look at some creative recycling ideas you can get busy and do your bit to save the planet – and the animals that live here.

The home is a real treasure trove of recycling ideas. Why not get busy with these creative art ideas with recycled materials you’ll be able to find in your kitchen?

Paper rolls

There’ll be no shortage of the paper rolls leftover from kitchen rolls and toilet paper in your home. Instead of throwing them out, they can be turned into all sorts of different things your kids can get creative with.

For instance, slathering peanut butter on them, rolling them in bird seed and hanging them up outside turns them into fantastic bird feeders. Poke some holes in at the bottom and slot a stick in the holes so that birds have something to stand on while they munch away.

Gluing a cardboard circle to the bottom of these rolls makes for a quick organiser for things like pens and crayons – very handy if your house tends to get cluttered with arty equipment. Plus, they’ll have loads of fun decorating them with their personal touches too.

Cutting them horizontally, and then painting them, can also turn them into great little napkin rings too – and it’ll give lunch and dinners a fancy little twist that they’ll love as well!

Plastic bottles

Instead of adding to pollution problem, you and your kids can put your old plastic bottles to better use in a range of different ways.

Why not turn them into hanging planters? Place the bottle on its side, cut a lengthways rectangle out of its side, and then poke holes on the left- and right-hand sides of the rectangle so you can thread string through them. Tie a knot at the end of the string, fill with soil and throw in some seeds. Hang them up and see how they grow – a great way to get them started with some green-finger fun too!

How about a DIY bubble blower? Cut off the bottom of the water bottle, taking care to make sure it’s clean and even. Dip this side in a bubble solution of ½ cup of dish soap, 1½ cups of water and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Making amazing bubbles is now a simple case of blowing through the mouth of the bottle! Fun right?

Glass jars

Here’s a great little project you can do together. Empty glass jars make for fantastic candle holders! To make them, you’ll need to buy soy wax flakes and melt them over a low heat. Next, throw in some old crayons (which they’re sure to have) to make the colour pop, then add some essential oils for that lovely scent.

Let the wax cool, glue a wick to the bottom of your empty jar, pour the wax in, give the wick a quick adjustment if it needs to and there you go! A DIY candle that gives your old glass jars a completely new life. Just be sure you’re around your kids whenever there are any flames present, of course!

More great ideas to get them interested in recycling

Starting them early with recycling is well worth doing! Give these quick ideas a go – you never know how they may end up inspiring them to start recycling at a young age…

  • Buy separate bins for plastics and cardboards so they can get used to separating such materials from general rubbish
  • Turn recycling into rewards! Every time they take out the recycling, why not treat them to a day out or a meal at somewhere they love eating?
  • Buying school items like pencil cases and rulers that are made from recycled material can get them excited about using them when the next school term starts

Along with conserving at-risk animals, we love hosting events and get togethers so we can make the extra effort too. See how we did our bit to help keep North Queensferry beach clean by heading over to our blog post about it here.

We hope this blog has helped you understand just how important recycling is to the world around us! Want to see how your hard work contributes to the preservation of wildlife around the world? Book your tickets here.

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