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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Sharks

If you come face to face with a shark in the deep blue sea, we all know to swim away quickly, but what don’t you know? From their endless supply of teeth to the lack of bones in their body, here are our top 9 Sharkey facts that might surprise you!

1. Hammerhead sharks have 360 vision

A Hammerhead shark’s unusually shaped head and positioning of their eyes mean they have 360 vision and can see above and below them at all times.

2. Sharks can give birth to hundreds of babies at one time

Depending on the type of shark, they can have between 1 to 100 babies at a time. Pretty impressive, we’d say.

3. There are no bones in a shark’s body

Sharks are actually made from a mix of muscle and cartilage (the same thing your nose is made from!). This means they’re much more flexible and buoyant, which is great for swimming.

4. There are sharks as small as a goldfish

The Dwarf Lanternshark is the smallest type of shark in the world, reaching a maximum length of 20 cm. 

5. Baby sharks are born with their teeth

The minute a shark enters the deep blue ocean for the first time, they already have their teeth sharp and ready to fend for themselves. 

6. Sharks have amazing hearing

Some sharks can hear their next delicious feast from over 3,000 feet away under the water. 

7. Female sharks lose their appetite when they have a baby

It’s hard to believe, but most female sharks lose their appetite just before they give birth. This is so they won’t be tempted to eat their own babies. 

8. Sharks don’t get toothache

Sharks needn’t worry about their next trip to the dentist. Why? They constantly shed their teeth. If one breaks or falls out, it takes them about a day to replace it. In a lifetime, Sharks can go through 30,000 teeth. Yikes. 

9. A shark can smell a drop of blood 

Did we forget to mention, sharks also have an incredible sense of smell… especially when it comes to blood. In 1 million drops of water, a shark can smell a drop of blood. Pretty impressive, right?

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