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What is a Mermaid Purse?

The ocean is full of secrets that hide just below the surface waiting to be discovered. Some of these secrets find themselves washed up on our shores, revealing just a little bit more of the wonder that lurks below. Mermaid purses are just one of these secrets that may disguise themselves as seaweed, but, in … Continued

A Guide to Animal Classification

Did you know there are too many animals on Planet Earth to count? That’s pretty impressive, but it does make it hard to keep track of them all. Luckily, some clever scientists came up with a way to organise and group different species using what’s known as animal classification. This is a complex system that … Continued

Everything you Need to Know about Seashells

Seashells have fascinated beach-goers, scientists, and collectors for centuries. Their unique appearance and intricate designs often reveal a wealth of secrets about the world below the waves. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of seashells, diving into their origins, the creatures that call them home, and the intriguing facts that make them so wonderful. … Continued

Seal Renovation – Updates

14TH APRIL 2024 We’re excited to announce that our Seal Harbour will undergo essential maintenance and upgrading over the next 10 weeks. Some aims to enhance the Seal Harbour’s facilities include introducing extended space for our seals whilst providing an improved experience for visitors. During this period, the harbour will be temporarily closed to the … Continued

What are the Slowest Animals in the World?

Everyone knows about the cheetah, the fastest land animal, but there’s not a lot of love put onto the animals who prefer to take their time! Being fast has its survival benefits, but so does moving slowly, particularly in an environment as vast as the oceans. In this blog, we’re excited to shed some light … Continued

How do Animals Breathe Underwater?

When an animal lives on land, they’re surrounded by air that they breathe in through their mouth or nose, into their lungs which then passes oxygen into the blood stream and around the body, but what do animals do when they’re surrounded by water? In this blog, we’re going to explore how these miraculous animals … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Whales

The family Cetacea is home to aquatic mammals, including dolphins, porpoises and also whales. They spend all of their time in water, and there are about 90 species of them in total! Right here in Scotland you might even get the chance to see some of these incredible animals in person, with a few species … Continued

National Animals Across the World Revealed

Across the world, each nation proudly boasts its own symbol, often in the form of a national animal. These creatures represent the cultural identity, values, and natural heritage of their respective countries. Join us as we unveil the fascinating array of national animals from around the world! What is a national animal? A national animal … Continued

Why do Animals Migrate?

Many species of animal throughout the world display particular behaviours or habits that make them who they are, as well as helping their survival in sometimes harsh conditions. With that in mind, some species will travel from place to place, usually to find more favourable conditions at different times of the year – known as … Continued

Can Fish Fly? 5 Interesting Facts about the Flying Fish

The world of aquatic animals is a fascinating one, with so many different species that you’ve likely never even heard of or seen! With that in mind, one such species is the flying fish – but why is it called that, and can it really fly? In our latest blog, we take a look at … Continued

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