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Immerse Yourself In Our Augmented Reality Sandbox This Summer

This summer step into a new reality at Deep Sea World! Our Augmented Reality Sandbox is an interactive experience for kids and families that you’ll never forget. 
What is an Augmented reality sandbox? Different landscapes and terrains are projected onto a box of sand, creating a fully interactive 3D world. From changing weather to flowing volcanoes, your kids will love hearing about the wonders of nature in such a unique way. 

Explore animals and their habitats

Butterflies disperse into the sky, and exotic fish and sharks swim through the water. Crabs and turtles roam across the stretch of beaches, and corals flourish on the ocean floor. Explore each animal’s habitats and watch how they behave in their environments.

Witness extreme weather run wild

Watch the sunny skies shine gloriously over the rolling hills until thunder and lightning suddenly strike. With pouring rain and dark clouds, see what happens as the augmented world quickly changes and adapts to the extreme weather.

Learn about different terrains

Volcanoes erupt and flow as the ocean swirls and the long grass grows. Watch the environment change from day to night, and explore the colours and shapes across the different terrains.

Want to see the real thing? Get your tickets for our Shark Lab here!

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