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Welcome our Lesser Spotted Catsharks!

We are thrilled to welcome 8 Lesser Spotted Catsharks to our Aquarium!

These Catsharks came to us from Rhyl SeaQuarium in North Wales, due to the aquarium’s permanent closure. They arrived on Wednesday 10th January and have been settling into Deep Sea World’s quarantine area.

Our zoo team explains:

“We are deeply saddened to hear of a fellow aquarium closing and we are very pleased to be able to help them rehome some of their creatures following this unfortunate conclusion”.

About the Lesser Spotted Catshark:

This catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula) is one of the most abundant sharks that exist in UK waters. Its back is brownish with dark stains and the first dorsal fin is closer to the tail than to the head. Their activity is mainly at night, they are carnivores that eat mollusks, small crustaceans, and worms.

Like all sharks, their skin has been described as rough. It was previously used as sandpaper to polish wood.

Their eggs lie in distinctive capsules, which are known as mermaids’ purses. These are normally found on marine coasts and rocky bays but can sometimes be spotted on the floor of our underwater tunnel

The IUCN has categorized them as Least Concern.

These 8 fascinating sharks with be introduced to the rockpools and main underwater tunnel within Deep Sea World once acclimatisation is complete and will join our current collection of Sharks.

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