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Deep Sea World Are Proud to Work with RSPB

Here at Deep Sea World, we work with a range of charities and organisations who share our passion for protecting wildlife both at home and around the globe. This extends beyond marine conservation too, with our recent partnership with RSPB proof of our wider commitment to helping nature thrive.

In this post, we invite you to learn more about our partnership with the RSPB and their incredible work in safeguarding native birdlife across the UK. We’ll also let you know the different ways that you can support our conservation work and that of our partners.

What is the RSPB?

The RSPB is the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, a long-established charitable organisation that has helped protect native birdlife since 1889. As one of the UK’s most effective wildlife conservation charities, the RSPB needs little by way of introduction, and here at Deep Sea World, we have long admired how the organisation goes about its business in helping to protect and safeguard some of the country’s most vulnerable species.

The RSPB carries out conservation on an impressive scale, combining direct action with evidence-based research designed to influence national policymaking. Such has been the success of the RSPB’s work on wildlife conservation that the organisation has the expertise, capacity and influence to make a difference on a global scale – protecting nature, restoring habitats, and helping to protect more species from the brink of extinction.

What is the RSPB doing to protect wildlife?

The RSPB’s work extends from direct action to advising the government on the challenges of safeguarding UK wildlife. The organisation takes a multi-faceted approach to all its conservation work, with five key areas central to how the RSPB delivers on its promise to safeguard and protect animals and their habitats. These include:

  • Species: The RSPB takes direct action to safeguard the most vulnerable species, stepping in to prevent further habitat loss while monitoring animal populations.
  • Science: Much of the RSPB’s work centres around science and research. By better understanding the overarching issues that the natural world faces, the better equipped we’ll be to tackle them.
  • Place: The RSPB manages over 200 nature reserves across the UK, while also partnering with similar organisations around the globe. This ensures that native wildlife always has a place to thrive.
  • Policy: The most effective conservation programmes begin with the right laws, policies and funding. That’s why the RSPB campaigns and advocates for legislative change that is focused on protecting wildlife and reducing the threat posed by climate change.
  • People: The RSPB has over 1.2 million members in the UK alone, making it one of the country’s biggest wildlife conservation initiatives. This is what makes essential hands-on volunteering and community action possible.

Why is wildlife important?

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of wildlife and the natural world. Every creature, from the smallest insect to the largest fish, has a part to play in the continued survival of other species and the planet as a whole – and this applies to humanity, too.

Without organisations like the RSPB, native wildlife could quite literally disappear overnight. Never before have birds, bees, fish, mammals, and everything in between faced such existential threats, with our changing climate putting untold pressure on animals already facing the risks posed by habitat loss and human encroachment.

In the UK alone, one in seven species are facing extinction, while over half are in decline. Puffins, hedgehogs, bees, and even eagles could disappear from our shores altogether if more work is not done to protect them – which is what makes the work of the RSPB and other UK conservation charities more vital than ever before.

How can you support RSPB at Deep Sea World?

Deep Sea World is immensely proud to have partnered with the RSPB, helping the organisation to raise funds for its essential wildlife protection initiatives. We’re encouraging all our visitors to support the RSPB if they’re able to do so, and there are a couple of ways you can help during a visit to our Queensferry aquarium.

Buy an RSPB badge

Show your support for the work of the RSPB by purchasing a badge from the Deep Sea World reception team. For a small donation, you can pick up an enamel RSPB badge to demonstrate your support and help fund essential wildlife conservation action in our local area.

Become an RSPB member

The RSPB’s one million plus members are the lifeblood of the organisation, helping to fund essential projects while contributing to community-focused volunteering initiatives. Our local RSPB representatives often call in at Deep Sea World to drum up support and encourage new members to sign up, so if you’re interested in joining, check our socials for upcoming RSPB events.

We hope this guide has shone a light on the invaluable work that the RSPB is doing both here in the UK and around the world to protect and safeguard wildlife for future generations. Check out our conservation hub for more information on the work we’re doing to help support wildlife conservation or tap here to book your Deep Sea World tickets today.

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