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National Animals Across the World Revealed

Across the world, each nation proudly boasts its own symbol, often in the form of a national animal. These creatures represent the cultural identity, values, and natural heritage of their respective countries. Join us as we unveil the fascinating array of national animals from around the world!

What is a national animal?

A national animal is a symbol that encapsulates the essence and spirit of a nation. These symbolic creatures are often deeply rooted in history, mythology, or the natural environment of the country. Interestingly, while some nations have chosen majestic and powerful animals like lions and eagles to represent them, others have opted for mythical creatures or animals unique to their region.

Did you know that lions are among the most popular choices for national animals? With 15 countries adopting this majestic feline as their emblem, the lion reigns supreme in the realm of national symbols. Additionally, the golden eagle holds a special place as a national animal in various cultures across the globe.

National animals of the UK

Starting our exploration close to home, let’s explore the national animals of the United Kingdom.

National animal of Scotland

Scotland boasts a mythical national animal—the majestic unicorn. Associated with purity and grace, the unicorn embodies the magic and folklore of Scottish heritage. Its presence in Scottish heraldry dates back to ancient times, adding a touch of enchantment to the nation’s identity.

National animal of England

The proud lion stands as the national animal of England. Symbolising courage and strength, the lion has been an emblem of English royalty for centuries. Its scientific name, Panthera leo, reflects its regal position and commanding presence in the animal kingdom.

National animal of Wales

Wales proudly claims the Red Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch) as its national symbol. This mythical creature, with its fiery spirit and legendary tales, symbolises the strength and resilience of the Welsh people. The Red Kite, with its graceful flight and distinctive appearance, also holds significance as a national symbol of Wales.

National animal of Ireland

Moving across the Irish Sea, Ireland’s national animal is the Irish hare. This native species, known for its agility and speed, embodies the wild beauty of Ireland’s landscapes. With its long history intertwined with Irish folklore and mythology, the Irish hare holds a special place in the hearts of the Irish people.

National animals beyond the UK

Beyond the borders of the UK, a diverse array of national animals is on display.

National Animal of USA

The iconic bald eagle soars as the national emblem of the United States, symbolising freedom, power, and resilience. Alongside the bald eagle, the American bison stands as a symbol of strength and endurance, reflecting the nation’s rich natural heritage.

National Animal of Mexico

Similar to its neighbour to the north, Mexico selected the golden eagle as their national animal. It embodies the country’s strength and pride. Additionally, the axolotl, with its unique appearance and regenerative abilities, represents Mexico’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

National Animal of Spain

The noble bull serves as the national symbol of Spain, reflecting the nation’s tradition of bullfighting and its agricultural roots. With its symbolic significance deeply ingrained in Spanish culture, the bull remains an enduring emblem of strength and vitality.

National Animal of Greece

Greece, known for its deep connection to the sea, has adopted the dolphin as its national animal. Revered in ancient mythology and folklore, the dolphin symbolises intelligence, harmony, and the maritime heritage of Greece.

National Animal of Norway

Norway, with its breath-taking Arctic landscapes, celebrates a multitude of national animals, including moose, reindeer, polar bears, puffins, and whales. These Arctic creatures embody the rugged beauty and wilderness of Norway’s natural environment.

National Animal of China

China’s national treasure, the giant panda, captures the nation’s hearts with its endearing appearance and conservation significance. As a symbol of peace, harmony, and biodiversity, the giant panda holds a special place in Chinese culture and conservation efforts.

National Animal of India

The majestic Bengal tiger stands as the national animal of India, representing strength, grace, and cultural heritage. With its iconic stripes and royal presence, the Bengal tiger embodies India’s rich biodiversity and commitment to wildlife conservation.

From the mythical unicorn of Scotland to the iconic bald eagle of America, national animals serve as powerful symbols of identity, heritage, and pride for nations around the world. Through their representation, these creatures connect us to the natural world and the stories of our shared history.

The animals selected as national animals are frequently endangered animals, so let them serve as a reminder of the importance of wildlife conservation, as well as outstanding natural beauty.

Interactive map of national animals!

Want to learn more about the different national animals across the world? Check out our interactive map – simply hover over the various countries to find out more!

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