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New year, Same planet, 8 ways to be more eco-friendly in 2024!

 1) Get rid of plastic bottles, invest in a cool reusable bottle!

Firstly, snag yourself a sweet, reusable water bottle (one that’s BPA-free!) and fill it up. Saves all that garbage going to the landfill.

The Reef Gift Shop has a variety of water bottles that are sea-themed very cool and useful for hydration.

Water Bottles in Gift Shop

 2) Repeat for hot drinks!

Also, why not treat yourself to a reusable mug from your favourite coffee shop of choice? This reduces the use of disposable cups!

3) Conserve water

Following on, Water use and demand are at an all-time high. Possibly the easiest resolution on this list: use less water. Let’s do our part by shutting off the water while you brush your teeth. Maybe opting for showers over baths or even limiting your laundry.

East Bay Beach, North Queensferry.

4) Donate Your Stuff

In addition, Donate anything you don’t want or need anymore. Spend an hour or so going through your home and look for items you can donate. You’d be surprised how much stuff you can give, that serves someone else.

5) Explore the natural world more.

With Scotland’s landscapes and natural scenery are truly electrifying with tall mountains, glossy lochs, dense woodland, and miles of golden sands. Utilise the beauty that falls on our doorstep!

TIP: You could take part in local litter picks which allows you to clean rubbish and also see the beautiful surroundings of your areas!

Litter bags from DSW Beach Clean 2023

6) Even the menstruation monster can be Eco-Friendly.

Another thing we can do is ditch disposable sanitary towels and tampons and instead reach for a menstrual cup, cloth pads, and period underwear that can be washed and reused time and time again or do some research into Plant-based sustainable products. As an aquarium, we are based in Fife where Fife Council have collaborated with “Hey Girls” for products which are sustainable, biodegradable or recyclable and these are the products available to visitors in the aquarium!

7) Cut Down On Your Vehicles Emissions.

Ideally, we’d advise you to drive your vehicle less, opting instead to walk, bike, or take public transportation whenever possible. This resolution is not only better for the environment at large, it’s also better for your overall health but we understand that this isn’t possible sometimes! Keep your car in good working order. Do regular maintenance and keep tire pressure at proper levels. Don’t let your car idle for more than a few minutes.  This contributes to emissions and gives you zero miles per gallon fuel efficiency.

8) Support, Volunteer and Donate

Lastly, do some research into organisations that are trying to save the planet in many different ways! Deep Sea World work closely with BIAZA, Shark’s Trust, RSPB and many more to ensure that we are constantly working towards being as sustainable as possible to ensure the safety of the creatures around the world!

If you’d like more information, please feel free to ask any members of staff on your next visit and make sure to stop and read our information within the aquarium about what we’re doing to be more sustainable!

Sharks Trust

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