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Shark Diving: Your Questions Answered

Having the opportunity to dive with sharks is bucket-list stuff for some and nightmare fuel for others. As for those on the fence, there’s a lot to know about the ins and outs of shark diving, which is what this post is here to uncover.

Taking some of the web’s most-asked questions about shark diving, we’ll aim to give our expert input on everything involved, including the different types of shark diving, what to expect, and how safe it really is. We’ll also be showcasing some of the shark diving experiences you can sink your teeth into right here at Deep Sea World.

Ready to get started? Jump in and get your shark diving questions answered below.

This guide will answer…

  • Is diving with sharks safe?
  • What’s it like to swim with sharks?
  • What species of sharks is it safe to dive with?
  • Can I swim with great white sharks?
  • Is it possible to dive with sharks in the UK?
  • How much does it cost to dive with sharks?

Is diving with sharks safe?

Shark diving is safe so long as it’s done in a safe and controlled environment with the right equipment, safety practices and experts in attendance. Without the appropriate conditions, it’s impossible to guarantee the safety of divers and, thus, we would never recommend diving with sharks unless all of the aforementioned points are met.

At Deep Sea World, for example, your shark dive experience will take place in a specialist dive pool with expert Instructors who work with these animals on a near-daily basis. You’ll have all the necessary equipment to hand, and the animals you’ll encounter will be used to being around people – which is a lot more than can be said for some types of shark dives that take place in the wild.

Along with dive equipment and the supervision of our experienced team, you’ll also receive a comprehensive training briefing – essential for anyone planning to swim with sharks. Here you’ll learn how to safely interact with these animals, as well as tips on diving and entering and exiting the water.

To conclude then, diving with sharks is safe, so long as the right conditions are met.

What is it like to swim with sharks?

In a word: thrilling. Sharks are incredible creatures full of character and personality, and you’ll become aware of both from the minute you enter the water.

In a safe and controlled environment, diving with sharks can be extremely rewarding. You’ll get a deep appreciation for the size, power and beauty of these majestic creatures, and an up-close experience that can scarcely be rivalled through the glass wall of an aquarium.

As you’ll learn from the initial safety briefing, diving with sharks is all about interacting with these animals in a gentle, slow and respectful way. Remember, the sharks you’ll swim with at Deep Sea World will be used to being around people, which makes for a safe, controlled and predictable overall experience.

What species of sharks is it safe to dive with?

Diving with any species of shark isn’t without risk, but some animals are, of course, more dangerous than others, including great white sharks and bull sharks. It’s for this reason that you’ll find no such species in the dive tank at Deep Sea World.

Instead, our guests can encounter other species of sharks, including the 10-foot sand tiger shark. This creature may look quite fearsome but they’re surprisingly gentle and docile, making them the ideal candidate for shark diving experience

Can I swim with great white sharks?

Well, although there’s nothing stopping you, we’d strongly advise against it. No certified shark dive experience that we know of provides the opportunity to swim with great white sharks, so to do so would mean going it alone – a dangerous endeavour indeed.

Of course, it is possible to experience an up-close encounter with great white sharks as part of a cage diving expedition, wherein you’re lowered into the ocean from a boat inside a reinforced cage. The downside to this type of shark diving experience is that no sightings or interactions with sharks are guaranteed.

Remember, great white sharks are known as the most aggressive species of shark, so swimming with them is not recommended.

Is it possible to dive with sharks in the UK?

Of course! Deep Sea World offers shark diving experiences right here in the UK, so you can take the plunge and get up close and personal with these amazing animals.

Deep Sea World is one of only a small handful of certified shark diving centres in the country. Our professional team of shark diving experts are years of combined experience in diving and interacting with sharks, so are well-placed to help you enjoy an unforgettable encounter.

How much does it cost to dive with sharks?

Shark diving experiences typically cost anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to a few thousand depending on the type of dive you’re looking for and where in the world you plan to do it.

At Deep Sea World, our shark dives start at £140 for junior shark dives and from £240 for adult experiences. We also offer Dive Night Package for qualified divers, which starts at £130.

The cost of an adult shark dive experience at Deep Sea World includes:

  • A two-hour experience, including training, briefing, and your dive
  • Free entry for two spectators
  • All equipment

Ready to take the plunge? Book your UK shark diving experience at Deep Sea World today.

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