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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Seals

26 November, 2017

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Seals Think you know everything there is to know about seals? We’re pretty sure we can surprise you! Check out our favourite sealy facts below…   They Store Oxygen in Their Muscles Seals breathe out rather than in before they go hunting! This means that there is very little […]

5 Weird and Wonderful Places to Visit Over the Christmas Break

23 November, 2017

  Christmas is a time for traditions, but so much of it can get a little same-old, same-old for you and your little ones. That’s why we’ve scoured the country to find you five alternative, family-friendly places to visit over the Christmas break.   National Trust for Scotland Attractions   The National Trust for Scotland […]

4 Things That Our Aquarists Do Every Day

21 November, 2017

An aquarist is someone who takes care of the creatures in an aquarium, which actually involves much more work than you might first imagine. Aquarists’ days are filled with interesting and varied tasks, from observing any unusual creature activity to designing the exhibitions in the aquarium. We’ve listed four things the aquarists at Deep Sea […]

Keeping Fish in the Classroom: 4 Things Your Pupils Need to Know

20 October, 2017

St Margaret’s RC Primary School reached out to us for some expert advice on caring for their goldfish. In response, one of our resident zoologists, Kate Cooper, paid a visit to the South Queensferry school to show the pupils a few tips and tricks on caring for their classroom pet and on the upkeep of […]

Join Us at Our Octo! Event This Half Term

2 October, 2017

To coincide with World Octopus Day on 8th October, we’re hosting a very special event at Deep Sea World throughout the October half term, full of EIGHT times the fun. We’ll be welcoming a wonderful guest – Octo! the lesser octopus. Come and join us any day from Saturday 7th until Sunday 22nd October to […]

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