The Ultimate Shark Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Ocean’s Apex Predators

great white shark

15 December, 2020

If, like us, you love sharks, and think you know everything there is to know about what makes them tick, we’re challenging you to have a go at our ultimate shark quiz.

Visiting the Forth Rail Bridge: All About Scotland’s Man-Made Wonder

forth rail bridge

15 December, 2020

We’re taking a closer look at the Forth Rail Bridge and why you should consider paying it a visit after you’ve said “hello” to our wonderful animals.

Exploring Rock Pools: Getting Started and What to Do

boys looking in rock pools

21 October, 2020

To help you get the most from your next rock pooling adventure, we’ve put together a hands-on guide to exploring rock pools. Click here for the guide.

The Truth About Piranhas: South America’s Most Misunderstood Fish

the truth about piranhas

20 October, 2020

People should respect rather than fear piranhas. Click here for our guide to reveal some truths about South America’s most misunderstood fish.

6 Amazing Examples of Sea Life Found in Scottish Waters

Orcas in Scotland

9 October, 2020

Discover the amazing sea creatures you can find in Scottish waters in our guide.

A Guide to Seals: Fun Facts About Our Fin-Footed Friends

Meet our seals

25 September, 2020

Looking to know more about just how amazing seals are? You’re in the right place – let’s dive in and take a closer look at where seals come from, their diet and behaviour, along with a chance to meet our own fin-footed friends right here at Deep Sea World.

Mysteries of the Ocean We Still Don’t Know

Mysteries of the ocean

15 September, 2020

While we can rule out mermaids and giant squids, many of the mysteries that lurk beneath our waters are sometimes stranger than make-believe.

Below, we’ll take a look at the most surprising mysteries of the ocean that, even after all this time, we still can’t wrap our heads around.

A Fishy Love Story: Courtship in Marine Animals

13 February, 2019

One thing that really grabs our attention in those popular nature documentaries is the many different forms that courtship can take on in the animal kingdom: the fascinating dances of the birds, the pirouettes of the dolphins… but, have you ever wondered what courtship looks like underwater?   What’s Courtship? A definitive courtship is rare […]

Can You Dig It?

16 October, 2018

Can You Dig It? It’s time to journey back in time because you’re about to dig up the past and discover everything there is to know about the ancient giants that once roamed the Earth. This October you’re going to become a fossil hunter and solve mysteries from millions of years ago. When you’ve explored […]

What Can We Learn About Earth by Studying Fossils & Skeletons?

15 October, 2018

They’ve been around for hundreds of years and give scientists and researchers huge insights into the creation and evolution of animals – both past and present. Through studying fossils and old skeletons, we can study the lives of creatures that lived hundreds – even thousands! – of years ago. How do you think we know […]