Deep Sea World Blog


Deep Sea World, Scotland’s national aquarium, has issued a shark-diving dare to raise money for charity.

Staff at the North Queensferry aquarium are daring managers at the Fife-based corporate team building specialists Team Challenge Company, to take the plunge and dive with three-metre-long sand tiger sharks.

When Team Challenge Company’s directors Gerry and Stephen took on the Arctic Circle with a ten day trek in February in aid of local fundraising group Mums on the Run, they had no idea what the “snowball” effect of such a great challenge for a worthy charity would be for some of their Senior Managers.

Deep Sea Worlds Kerry Myers said: “We felt Gerry and Stephen took on the ultimate challenge trekking through the Artic and we were keen to see how daring the rest of their team are, so we thought we’d see if they’d be willing to brave our shark-infested waters right here in Fife.

“We sent our costume character Charlie the Clownfish along to officially invite them to accept our challenge and we’re looking forward to welcoming them for their charity dive shortly.”

If Team Challenge Company Event Managers Simon Grant and Robie Gilmour accept the invitation, the money raised from their dive will go towards the Mums on the Run Relay Team which works tirelessly all year round to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

The team is part of the Dalgety Bay Relay for Life, (20th June) an inspiring overnight celebration and commemoration that the whole community gets involved in to raise funds.

Simon and Robie will not be alone as Kerry Myers, Sales & Marketing Executive and Ailsa Todd, Visitor Services Presenter will also take to the water to join them in the tank with sharks Tinkerbell and friends.

Deep Sea World Underwater Safari display where the dive will take place holds 4.5 million litres of seawater and is home to one of Europe’s largest collections of sharks.

Stars of the display are the giant, three-metre-long sand tiger sharks including Scout and Tinkerbell – which is thought to be one of the oldest sharks in captivity – tope sharks, angel sharks and Stella, the huge stingray, as well as thousands of other fish, crabs and lobsters.