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Feel like a diver as you venture deep below the oceans surface.

At 112 metres long the Underwater Tunnel at Deep Sea World has the longest underwater moving walkway in Europe. As you journey through the underwater safari you will see the stars of Deep Sea World the 6 Sand Tiger Sharks and our rare Angel Shark and if your lucky it might even be feeding time.

Every time around the tunnel you will discover something different whether it be the wreckfish lurking in the abyss or the elusive cuckoo wrasse you need to keep your eyes peeled as the tank moves around you, If you are eagled eyed you may even spot mermaid’s purses and sharks teeth that are commonly found on the bed of the tank.

Tinkerbell is the biggest Sand Tiger Shark and is easily identified not only by size but by her upturned dorsal fins that look similar to wings. Lewis, Scout, Hook, Patch and Aaron are a little tougher to identify but our staff are more than happy to introduce you. The Underwater Tunnel is also where you are likely to see our divers whether it be cleaning the tank or feeding the variety of fish there is always plenty of jobs for them but they will always give you a wave.

Current Water Temp

12°C / 53.6°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Temperate Marine

In This Exhibit

14 species/ 1 tank

Where are we?

Atlantic Ocean

Can you spot all 6 of our Sand Tiger Sharks on your next visit? They all have unique features and personalities.

Aquarium Acrylic

When you are standing in the underwater safari, the curvature of the 6.5cm thick acrylic makes everything appear about 30% smaller than it actually is. So when you see our large sharks, just imagine how big they actually are!

The arched shape of the acrylic gives the tunnel the strength to hold back the enormous weight of millions of litres of water in the 3m deep tank. In fact, the acrylic is the same material used by NASA in space shuttles and each panel of acrylic can withstand the weight of two African elephants!

There are many different ways to see our main tank:

  • Underneath – Take the moving walkway around the tunnel and watch as Rays and Sharks glide overhead
  • Above – Take our Access All Areas tour Link to AAA and see the tank from above. This will show how big all our sharks really are
  • Get inside – Dive into our main tank and come eye to eye with our Sand Tiger Sharks with Link to dives

In This Exhibit

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