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A common stingray called Stella.

There are many different species of stingray around the world with the vast majority living in tropical and subtropical seas, with a few species living in freshwater. Many people are surprised to hear that such an exotic species can be found around the UK, They prefer to live on the coast up to depths of 200 m, but usually lies above 60 m. It is normally buried in sandy beds.

Stingrays are most famous for the serrated, venomous stinger which is concealed in their tail. Once the point of the stinger pierces flesh the cells are torn open and release the venom inside of the victim. The stinger is not attached to the body of the stingray particularly firmly, and it will often snap off in an attack. However, stingrays can re-grow a new stinger.

Although dangerous our common stingrays are one of the most friendly animals we have. Stella is famous amongst our divers for following them around and anytime a camera appears she will steal the spotlight.


Shark: Large venoumous ray

What do they eat?

Crustaceans, molluscs, worms and bony fishes


Max 250cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea and Canary Islands

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