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Ballan! I started as a Woman!

Ballan Wrasse are found in the Atlantic ocean preferring to live in rocky coastal water with the highest volume being found in the south of England. They will come into shallow waters to find food such as crabs and even some lobsters, however prefer to spend time in areas thick with kelp

The Ballan Wrasse is a heavy bodied wrasse with a broad head, small mouth and thick lips. The colouration of this wrasse is different between fish but there is no visible differences between the sexes. The body, head and fins are often brownish red or reddish with numerous small white spots but can be greenish with white spots or irregular large vertical dark stripes. Young Ballan Wrasse such as the ones found in the rockpools exhibit are often bright emerald green.

The Ballan Wrasse is the biggest type of wrasse in UK waters and has many tools in which it can use when finding food. Their thick lips and sharp front teeth are adapted to pull shellfish from the sides of rocks, and they have powerful teeth located further back in their throat to crunch through the shells and get to the flesh inside.


Fish: Colourful kelp dweller

What do they eat?

Mussels, cockles, limpets, fish and crustaceans


Max 66cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Atlantic Ocean and Canary Islands

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