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Find these lively Wreckfish deep in the Abyss.

Wreckfish are thought to have a sparse but widespread distribution throughout most of UK’s waters. In Europe this species is found from the coasts of Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. Also found along the eastern coast of the USA and Canada, South America, most of Africa, Australia and New Zealand. These fish can be found in deep water and tend to live near the sea bed in caves and shipwrecks which is why they are often found in the Abyss section of the main tank.

Wreckfish are bluish grey on the back and paler with a silvery sheen on the belly. Fins are blackish brown. Juveniles have black blotches on their head and body. They have a big head with a big mouth and a rough, bony ridge across the upper part of the gill cover. If you attract one of the Wreckfish to the glass you may notice they will start to show lighter spots appearing over their body. These fish can grow up to 2m long which is not far off the size of our smallest Sand Tiger Shark.

Young Wreckfish often shoal together for protection but as they grow in size they become a lesser target and prefer to exist as solitary fish. The become strong opportunistic hunters and feed on most bottom dwelling foods such as fish, crustaceans and even octopus. Although solitary in the wild they are very interested in people and will often be seen following our divers around or coming up to the glass to see some of our friendly visitors.


Fish: Lively inqusitive fish

What do they eat?

Fish, squid, cuttlefish, crustaceans and octopus


Max 210cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Atlantic Ocean, Medditeranean Sea and Pacific Ocean

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