Underwater Safari

Underwater Safari

At 112 metres long the Underwater Safari at Deep Sea World has the longest moving walkway in Europe. The exhibit holds a million gallons of sea water, making it the largest temperate marine exhibit in the UK and one of the longest underwater safaris in the world.

When you are standing in the underwater safari, the curvature of the 6.5cm thick acrylic makes everything appear about 30% smaller than it actually is. So when you see our large sharks, just imagine how big they actually are!

The arched shape of the acrylic gives the tunnel the strength to hold back the enormous weight of millions of litres of water. In fact, the acrylic is the same material used by NASA in space shuttles and each panel of acrylic can withstand the weight of two African elephants!

The Sand Tiger shark is the largest shark on display at Deep Sea World and can grow up to three and a half metres in length.

Sand Tiger sharks are also known as grey nurse or ragged tooth sharks and are normally found around Australia, Africa and America. Click this link to see one of our sharks being fed!