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We love to chase the sun during the summer and wrap up nice and warm in the winter whereas these temperate fish love to embrace the cold.

Temperate fish have evolved to live in water at a temperature of 14–24°C, they are not cold water fish, nor are they strictly tropical. Temperate oceans are between the winter ice pack limit and the tropics. This is a region of mixed water as currents of warm tropical water moves toward the poles and cold polar water moves toward the equator.

Unlike the clear blue seas that can be found through the tropics temperate waters are a murky blue-green colour. Plankton is the reason behind the difference in appearance. The more murky the water, the more plankton it contains. Plankton are tiny organisms that float near the ocean surface. They obtain their energy through photosynthesis and are eaten by many creatures low on the food chain.

Current Water Temp

11°C / 51.8°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Temperate Marine

In This Exhibit

3 species/ 2 tanks

Where are we?

Atlantic Ocean

Sometimes the anemone that live in our tanks are more complex that the fish.

The Flowers of the Sea

Tropical tanks are home to some beautiful corals but in temperate waters these do not thrive. In there place we can find sea anemone, an intelligent plant who has adapted to live in cold waters, which can be found growing in our Pouting and Big Bellied Seahorse tanks. Sea anemones can be found in oceans all over the world, but arguably some of the most beautiful are seen right here in Britain. Our own temperate waters support over 70 species of anemone.

In This Exhibit

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