Go Behind the Scenes

Go Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Deep Sea World? What we feed our Sharks? Where our water comes from? What our Aquarists do? Well here’s your chance to get an insiders view of Deep Sea World!

Explore the secrets of the Deep Sea World! Discover one of our most popular exhibits from a view that only a Behind the Scenes Tour can give you! Get closer to the stars of the Aquarium (our sharks) and learn about what it takes to keep the Scotland’s National aquarium running.

 Our experienced tour guides will take you behind the scenes to otherwise prohibited areas and show you how we care for our extensive collection of marine life. You’ll learn all about what we feed our animals, see how we test our water, visit our training and quarantine areas and even take a look above our Shark infested main tank!

Our latest edition Stormtrooper JoJo a starry smooth hound shark can only be seen on our access all areas tour!

Terms and Conditions Apply:

For more info call 01383 411 880


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