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Humu Humu, Humu Humu, Picasso Triggerfish

Picasso Triggerfish can be seen around the India and Pacific Ocean as well as the Red Sea. However they do seem to be found in the largest volumes around the coasts of Hawaii They are very active fish and will spend most of the day swimming around colourful reefs to help disguise themselves from predators. Once they find a suitable area they will become territorial and will defend the area from any intruders big or small.

The Picasso Triggerfish is very attractive and will fill a tank with colours which makes it a very popular fish in aquariums and pet shops. They are main way to identify these fish is the long yellow stripe along their mouth giving the appearance of a big grin. Depending on the type of lighting the fish is under you may notice three blue stripes which reflect off the light. When this fish was found they must of thought they were a piece of art as they were named after famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

They become even more territorial once they have found a mate to pair up with. The male fish will defend the surrounding area whilst the female will develop her own space where they will burrow an area to lay their spawn. Triggerfish have incredibly sharp teeth that can help them remove plants and rocks from their territory as well as cause significant damage to intruders..


Fish: Territorial Reef Fish

What do they eat?

Invertebrates, Crustaceans and Fish


Max 26cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Red Sea

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