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This Starfish would be perfectly disguised in your biscuit tin

The Chocolate Chip Starfish are found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific predominantly in the Red Sea. They exists in shallow sheltered waters where there is muddy and sandy bottoms. They are also able to survive in low tide areas however do tend to stay underwater.

When you think of the name Chocolate Chip starfish it makes you think of an innocent polka dot creature however these starfish have rows of spines which run down their body creating a horn type of look. This is ideal to scare away any predators. These starfish have quite a rigid body shape and can range in colours from deep red to tan.

Chocolate Chip Starfish are opportunistic hunters and will feed off anything they find. They can be very disruptive to reefs eating away coral and sea urchins as well as snails and invertebrates. As the Chocolate Chip Starfish has an intimidating exterior many smaller more vulnerable animals can be found living within it. Shrimps, brittle stars and even juvenile filefish have been found seeking shelter with these starfish.


Invertebrate: Well adapted starfish

What do they eat?

Invertebrates and Crustaceans


Max 30cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Red Sea

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