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Due to Coronavirus restrictions Aquasketch is closed at this time.

Watch your very own fish come to life in the UK’s biggest Virtual Aquarium.

Aquasketch puts the power in your hands with over 25 different templates you can colour in a variety of different fish some of which can be found in the aquarium such as the foxface rabbitfish and bannerfish. Recreate your favourite fish or make your very own colourful creation.

The real magic is when one of our team put your creation into the virtual aquarium and you can see your very own fish swimming around. You are able to touch the screen and the different fish will interact with you or ruffle the sea bed and see what animals are hiding in the corals.

Your fish will stay swimming around the whole day so whenever you want to pop back in you will see your fish interacting with all the other new fish that are being added. Don’t worry there is no limit on the amount of fish you can make so keep colouring and make a family of fish!

How Aquasketch was created:

In October 2019 Deep Sea World started to install Aquasketch a 7m wide and 2m tall Virtual Aquarium. This was to bring new life into the old Shark Classroom and give visitors a more interactive and unique experience. The screen was achieved with two high quality projectors and 10 sensors which would allow visitors to interact with the full gigantic screen. The room is dark to allow the bright screen to be as striking as possible with some dim lighting in the drawing section to allow the creativity to flow. This continues to be a popular part of every visitors birthday and we love to see them taking their created fish home as a souvenir.

How to use Aquasketch

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