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These fish are loud and proud when they let one Rip!

Ripsaw catfish is only found in the complex rivers that span throughout the northern part of South America most commonly the Amazon. They prefer life on the sea bed and tend to live in rivers with slow moving and muddy water. They utilise their taste receivers at the end of their face to find food within the sand and the mud as they dig through it

In comparison to other catfish the ripsaw catfish have relatively short taste receivers and a much bigger fuller head. They have very sharp armoured scales running down their lateral lines, plus sharp thorn-like hooks attached to their razor sharp scales which can cause damage to any predators.. They have a black body with a green tinge which make them very difficult to see especially with their tendency to live deep in the water.

They are believed to communicate with each other with a squeaking noise that has led to them being nicknamed the “Talking Catfish”. Unfortunately these animals are classed as endangered although hunted by game hunters these fish are at risk due to their slow reproduction and long development into sexual maturity.


Fish: Gigantic bottom feeder

What do they eat?

Crustaceans and insect larvae,


Max 100cm

Water Type

Fresh Water/ Brackish

Where are we?


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