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Being a star at Deep Sea World can make you big headed!

The Midas Cichlid is found in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. They tends to inhabit large, permanent bodies of water including lakes and ponds, although it’s also been recorded in slow-moving parts of rivers. It particularly favours rocky walls and banks, where it forages among the crevices.

The Midas Cichlid is a thick and deep bodied fish with pointed anal and dorsal fins and is easily identified by the nuchal hump that comes form their head, Though both males and females will develop a nuchal hump on their heads as they mature, the males’ will be significantly larger and the females will only develop a small hint of a lump.

Their wild colouring is a dark brown, grey to blackish body with six dark bars and a large black blotch on the side. There is also a naturally occurring yellow variety however in captivity they have started to develop brighter colourings with orange and white cichlids becoming common.


Fish: Varied colourful fish

What do they eat?

Shrimps, crickets, nightcrawlers, earthworms, and other smaller fish


Max 35cm

Water Type

Fresh Water

Where are we?

South America, Costa Rica and Nicaragua

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