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The Green Spotted Pufferfish is found in the fresh or brackish waters of South East Asia. They can be found in a variety of water types from fresh rivers to flooded plains and mangroves and are able to adapt to different water conditions.

Like many pufferfish the Green Spotted Pufferfish has a rounded body with very small fins. Their bodies have a main green colour on top which transitions to a creamy colour around the stomach and peppered with black spots. These fish are able to inflate themselves to appear larger to their predators.

Along with inflation pufferfish are also poisonous which stops many predators from eating them. On the other hand the Green Spotted Puffer are eating machines and will constantly be hunting for food. They do require a lot of shellfish in their diet to help grind down their constantly growing teeth. Although we look incredibly different humans actually have the same amount of genes as a green spotted pufferfish which has meant scientist use these fish to help understand human genomes better.


Fish: Defensive fish

What do they eat?

crustaceans and shellfish


Max 17cm

Water Type


Where are we?

Southeast Asia

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