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Stay out of the black and into the green, These frogs are great hiders so you eye must be keen.

The green and black poison dart frog can be found in Central and South America, in countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Bolivia. They are found on the rainforest floor, usually near small streams or bodies of water.

Poison dart frogs vary in colour, though most are black, green, or light blue with black bands or spots. Their skin is slippery and moist. Males have a barely distinct wrinkled vocal sac under the skin of their throat. These frogs have poison glands on the surface of their body, and they capture prey using their sticky, retractable tongues and keen eyesight. Their bright colours are believed to discourage predators, and bold contrasting patterns may warn predators who have no colour vision.

Frogs prey on small invertebrates, and they get their toxicity from the foods they eat. Frogs can sequester high quantities of alkaloids from ants and insects that they eat in their skin; these alkaloids makes the frog poisonous. male frog conducts an elaborate mating ritual, and he attracts a female with vocalizations consisting of trilling sounds.


Amphibian: Vibrant poisonous frog

What do they eat?

spiders and small insects


Max 6cm

Water Type


Where are we?

Central America, South America and Hawaii

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