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Our Dusky Grouper still has a lot of growing to do as these fish are able to reach over 1.5 metres in size. They are found throughout the various rocky reefs in the Mediterranean Sea, eastern and south-western Atlantic and western Indian Ocean.

They can easily be identified by their cloudy pattern that covers their body and alters under different lights. They also have big head, wide mouth and prominent lower jaw which creates and almost pre-historic look to them. Our Grouper is a strong grey colour but they are often seen in ther wild displaying a yellow colouration.

Both as adults and juveniles the Dusky Grouper lives a very solitary lifestyle outwith mating season and can become very territorial. They are skilled ambush hunters and suck up water that drags in their prey and they swallow them whole. Starting off on a diet of Unlike many gender changing fish all dusky groupers go through the same transition. They begin life as females and as they grow older around 12 years old they become male.


Fish: Large ambush predator

What do they eat?

Crustaceans and small fish


Max 150cm

Water Type

Salt Water/ Brackish

Where are we?

Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

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