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Diamonds are a Mono’s best friend!

Diamond Moonfish are often found in East Africa, India, Australia and South Asia and are more commonly known as a Mono. The stunning fish uniquely adapts to increasing salinity over its lifetime. It is born in brackish estuaries and migrates out into coastal waters as an adult.

Their body is a shiny silver with light yellow colouring on the dorsal, anal and tail fins. There are two vertical black bands, one extending through the eye with another just behind it that extends across the body and along the front edges of the dorsal and anal fin. Juveniles have a brighter yellow dorsal fin.

A schooling fish, the moonfish tend to exists in groups of 5 or more. They are relatively peaceful fish, but they do squabble within their ranks. The bigger the group means that any aggression is more thinly spread. The group work together to find food and to help keep each other clean and healthy. These fish develop a hierarchy within their school, with the largest fish being more dominant and feeding first.


Fish: Schooling mono fish

What do they eat?

plant matter, detritus, insects


Max 27cm

Water Type

Brackish / Salt Water

Where are we?

Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf

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