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Us little guys need to stick together!

Originating in South America, this species is found from the Orinoco River to the Rio Negro tributary of the Amazon River. It is found as far west as western Colombia. The trees surrounding their habitat is usually very dense and let very little light through. Cardinal Tetras favour these shaded areas with slow-moving or standing waters.

The Cardinal Tetra has a striking neon blue stripe running from the nose to the tail. Below this blue stripe is a brilliant red stripe. The vivid red coloration bleeds into the tail, which is otherwise transparent; Females will have a somewhat deeper body with a rounder belly, while males are more slender. Males also have a hook protruding from the anal fin.

These fish are very responsive to changes in season with and will only breed during the rainy period as their swamps and rivers fill with more water which allows them more space for their eggs. These will often be sheltered under leaves and shaded areas as their eggs are very sensitive to the light.


Fish: Colourful schooling fish

What do they eat?

Small crustaceans and worms


Max 3cm

Water Type

Fresh Water

Where are we?

South America Rivers

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