Free Activity Pack

Free Activity Pack

Did you know that Lake Malawi’s shoreline is 930 metres long? That’s two-and-a-half times as tall as the Empire State Building! Or that the Krakatoa eruption is the loudest sound ever recorded in history? Or that 10% of the world’s known species live in the Amazon Rainforest?

We love all of the amazing stats and facts about our exhibits here at Deep Sea World. Check out our fin-tastic Activity Pack to discover more about the weird and wonderful places represented in our fascinating exhibits.


Check Out Our Activity Pack !


After you’ve uncovered all of our bamboozling figures, you can take our quizzes! Think you know all there is to know about seals? We think we can catch you out with our Super Seals Quiz. Or what about predatory piranhas? We think we can surprise you with a bizarre fact or two about these unusual animals, too!

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