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Deep Sea World presents ‘Weird & Wonderful’

For the duration of February, we at Deep Sea World ran an event talking all things weird and wonderful. This event allowed visitors to learn odd and unusual facts about a variety of creatures that they might find in our aquarium. The items featured were Sand Tiger Shark jaw, Megalodon Shark tooth. Also European Lobster … Continued

Sustainable Seafood: Lobster off the Menu?

One of the latest pieces of sea conservation news comes from Karen McVeigh’s Guardian article on the Marine Conservation society’s new Good Fish Guide, a guide for sustainable seafood consumption (read here). The article stressed that fourteen species of seafood have joined the ‘fish to avoid list including crabs and lobsters. The guide overall asks … Continued

An Eco-Friendly Christmas: Celebrating Sustainably

Everyone here at Deep Sea World loves Christmas time, especially our resident sharks. Our divers swear they can hear them whistle a festive tune every now and again! And while we are all singing Christmas corals and writing a list of our Christmas fishes, we are aware that the festive season is incredibly harmful to … Continued

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