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Meet our friendly Seals who are more than happy to give you a wave or even a wee shout when you see them.

If you walk outside at Deep Sea World you will meet our lively and friendly Harbour Seals (often referred to as common seals although we think they are anything but common. All our seals have their personalities and have a special relationship with our Aquarists.

Our seal pool is 3m deep which is the same depth as our main tank with a ramp to allow them to glide in and out of the water with ease. Our seal pool has a slightly greenish colour which is very different to the clear light blue often seen in movies this is because we don’t put any chlorine in the water as this can damage the seals eyes and cause blindness in later life.

Current Water Temp

8°C / 46.4°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Temperate Marine

In This Exhibit

1 species/ 1 tanks

Where are we?


Along with the seals you will get an amazing view of the iconic Forth Rail Bridge

Common seals are skilled predators, believe it or not! By storing oxygen in their muscles and blood, rather than in their lungs, they can dive for up to 30 minutes, searching for their favourite food. They eat plenty of different things, but they love small sea creatures like oily fish, squid, and molluscs the most!

Our specialist trainers look after our seals every day, making sure they’re getting lots of exercise by teaching them new tricks, feeding them loads of tasty fish, and checking they’re generally happy and healthy. Their indoor and outdoor enclosures give our resident seals Laura, Benji, and Cody plenty of room to swim about and flex their muscles

“Can you tell the difference between Laura, Benji and Cody?”

In This Exhibit

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