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You are never to far from a shark at Deep Sea world even when visiting the remains of Krakatoa.

Also known as Banded Dogfish, Black-banded Cat Shark, Brown-banded Bamboo Shark, Cat Shark, Grey Catshark, Hasselt’s Bamboo Shark, Longtail Carpet Shark, Ridge-back Bamboo Shark, White-spotted Bamboo Shark.

Bamboo Shark originates in the Indo-West Pacific. It may be found from Japan to northern Australia and prefers depths of about 275 feet. They frequent coral reefs where they find plentiful prey. Found singly or in schools resting under rocks during the day dispersing at night to hunt for food in shallow waters over estuaries, coral and rocky reefs and in tide-pools.

These impressive cat sharks sport barbels around their noses and these markings are the source of their name; these are sensory organs that help the fish to navigate. The young have the beautiful banded markings, but these fade with maturity and adults have none at all.


Shark: Nocturnal tropical shark

What do they eat?

Shrimp, scallop, squid, and marine fish flesh


Max 104cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Coast of Japan and Coast of Australia

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