British Isle Wildlife Exhibition

Our Summer exhibition is opening on 17 June to all of our visitors. View a wide variety of extraordinary wild life at Deep Sea World, admission included with your valid

Deep Sea World ticket.

Wild: Animals of the British Isles

Traverse the British Isles in our stunning new exhibition, Wild. See many of the beautiful creatures that live in our native lands, and which are rarely encountered up close.

Displayed as beautiful taxidermy pieces, you can marvel at the unique features of animals such as owls, gannets and other predatory birds, as well as mammals such as red squirrels, mice and voles. Set against a luscious backdrop that mirrors the animals’ natural habitats, the display allows you to appreciate the diverse environments of wildlife – great and small – across the UK.

All of the animals are presented in dynamic poses, offering a glimpse into their lives and behaviour in the wild – spot the impressive wings of the barn owl as it swoops down to catch its prey, follow the adorable red squirrels as they chase each other around a tree, and look out for the unusual face- markings and beak of the gannet in full dive as it plummets towards the sea for fish.

Our Wild exhibit is family-friendly, with a range of interactive elements and learning opportunities for children of various ages.

Educational Exhibition:

“Each of the displays captures the individual species in a truly dynamic pose and uses it to talk about wide wildlife topics like the urbanisation of rural species, conservation, biodiversity and alien species,”

The exhibition also includes formal learning materials for KS1, 2 and 3.

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