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2015/2016 Classes

2015/2016 Classes


All classes follow the same structure:

An interactive ‘Aim’ that highlights the key words and learning objectives for that particular class.

A series of interactive games and demonstrations that require the children to work together and also put forward their own ideas.

The chance to come face to face with one of our creatures that we have learnt about (starfish or crab).

A review in the form of quick quizzes and active demonstrations of how much they enjoyed their experience.

[tab title=”Nursery – P2″]

Class – Rockpools Rock!

This class is aimed at pre-school but can also be tailored to early Primary classes. The children are introduced to the rock pool environment and have to help clean it up first! After tidying up the rock pool they all get a chance to learn about the types of creatures that live in the rock pools, how they have adapted to live there and even what they feel like!



Learning Objectives:

‘Rockpools Rock!’ Worksheet here


[tab title=”P3-P5″]

Class – Who’s Hungry?

This fun and interactive class covers introductions to Food Chains and Food Webs. The children end up all of a tangle once they have created their own Food Web and get the chance to demonstrate a Food Chain in front of the rest of the class. After they have de-tangled themselves they get to learn about a creature in their food web and even the chance to come face to face with them!




Learning Objectives:

 ‘Who’s Hungry?’ Worksheet here


[tab title=”P5 – P7″]

Class – Classy Classification

This class introduced children to the how’s and why’s of classification. There is acting and interaction aplenty in this session while the children learn the differences between invertebrates and vertebrates and other groups within the vertebrate family.



Learning Objectives:


[tab title=”P7″]

Class – Competition Time!

During this session the children cover the zones of the beach and are introduced to the concept of ‘competition’ during an interactive game. The concept of ‘adaptation’ is also covered and include a look at the specific adaptations of a rock pool inhabitant and the opportunity to see some of these adaptations in action!



Learning Objectives:

‘Competition Time’ Worksheet here


[tab title=”P7 – Secondary 2″]

Class – Sharks

When asked to think about a shark, most people picture “Jaws” a man eating shark. Here at Deep Sea World we will dispel this myth. Many shark species are endangered and need protecting.

Learning Outcomes
Be able to describe the differences between fish and sharks. Discover different species of sharks focusing on their tails and teeth and why they are important. Discover why sharks have a bad reputation.

‘Shark Class’ Worksheet here