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About Our Sharks

About Our Sharks

Shark Dive at Deep Sea World

Deep Sea World offer a range of dive experiences for young and old alike ;

Even experienced divers rarely get as close to sharks as you can in our Underwater Safari. Being in the water face to face with our 3m Sand Tiger Sharks, Angel sharks, Stingrays and Tope is an experience you will never forget.

Never dived before?  No problem!  We offer shark dives for both qualified and non-qualified divers all year round. We even offer shark dives for the children (must be aged between 8 -15 years) from March – October each year.

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We recommend that all customers read through the information supplied, and the FAQ’s, for the specific product you are interested in before purchasing your voucher, as in most cases restrictions can apply.


Whilst our dive experiences are open to anyone, we do recommend that before purchasing your voucher you read through the following Medical Questionnaire. All customers are required to complete a medical questionnaire in advance of their dive. If you answer YES to any of the questions below, or are unsure of your answer to any of these questions then you must seek authorisation from your Doctor. Please click the link to obtain a full version of the Medical.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Once a voucher has been purchased, you must then book a dive slot.  Please call the aquarium on 01383 411880 to book your dive.   We recommend booking at least eight weeks in advance.  Gift vouchers purchased online will receive a PDF version of the Shark Dive Voucher as an email attachment.  Please check that your Junk mail / Spam filter will allow this.

Our vouchers are available to purchase online NOW or by calling our bookings team!


Shark Encounter
(for anyone aged 16 years +)
£185.00 plus TWO FREE spectators
Book online
or call 01383 411880.
Junior Shark Encounter
(for anyone aged 8-15 years)
£95.00 plus ONE FREE spectator
Book online
or call 01383 411880.
Dive Nights
(for qualified divers only)
Book online
or call 01383 411880
Shark Awareness
(PADI speciality course)
£200.00Book online
or call 01383 411880


Take home the memories of your Shark Dive here at Deep Sea World.

We are now offering the following photo packages of your dive! These are available to purchase when you book, or on the day of the dive itself*.

Please call the Bookings team on 01383 411880 for more information.

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*Please Note : We do not currently offer photo packages alongside our Shark Dive or Shark Awareness Course.

Angel Sharks (Squatina squatina)

The Angel Shark is a flat shark species that can be found around the UK and Mediterranean. The Angel Shark is a temperate water bottom dwelling species found on the sea bed at depths of up to 150m. The shark prefers muddy or sandy bottoms where it lies buried with only its eyes protruding.

The Angel Shark is an ambush predator and will lie in wait for unsuspecting prey to venture close enough before being ambushed.  The Angel Shark feeds mainly upon fish, crustaceans and molluscs. The Angel Shark was declared locally extinct in the North Sea in 2006, as a result of unregulated fisheries.   The sharks are caught by bottom trawls and utilized for fresh and dried salted for human consumption, oil and fishmeal.  As a result the Angel Shark is now listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Angel Sharks grow very slowly and mature only at a large size.  The result is that very few Angel Sharks reach maturity and breed resulting in an ever declining population. For further information on our Angel Shark Breeding Programme, please click here.

Sand tiger sharks (Carcharias taurus)

Sand Tiger sharks are a sub-tropical shark species found in coastal regions around southern Australia, South Africa and the eastern seaboard of America. The Sand Tiger shark is a member of the mackerel shark family and can reach up to 3.2 meters in length. They prefer warm waters but can happily live in temperate climates making them a very popular aquarium shark.

Deep Sea World currently houses seven Sand Tiger sharks. The four female and three male sharks originally came from a number of sources including other aquariums. The Sand Tiger shark was the first shark species to receive official protection; however they have recently been given greater protection in a move endorsed by the World Conservation Union’s (IUCN) Shark Specialist Group. The Sand Tiger shark is included on the IUCN’s Red List of threatened species where they are listed as ‘Vulnerable’. However the population of Sand Tiger sharks that exist off Australia’s East Coast is now listed as critically endangered, facing a high risk of extinction. Like most shark species the Sand Tiger is long-lived, takes several years to reach maturity and produces few offspring. Females only give birth to one or two pups every two years. This results in the slow recovery of the species.

Tope (Galeorhinus galeus)

Tope is one of the world’s most wide spread sharks and is found all over the world in both temperate and warmer seas. Tope are an extremely fast swimming shark and can grow up to two meters in length. Tope are also known as Soupfin sharks, school sharks and snapper sharks. The Tope is listed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.  This is mainly due to over-fishing both by trawlers, commercial fisheries and sports fishermen.  Tope are caught mainly for meat, fins and liver oil. Tope do not mature until around 10 years of age and then only breed every second or third year, interestingly enough the gestation period in Tope varies from 6 months in the UK to almost 2 years in South America.  This does however prevent the tope from increasing its rapidly decreasing numbers making the tope an extremely vulnerable shark species.